May 7 2014

Review for The Lost Steersman is up


The estimable James Davis Nicoll continues reviewing the Steerswoman series with book 3, The Lost Steersman, with interesting discussion in the comments in his LiveJournal blog.  It’s also up on his Dreamwidth site; nobody seems to comment, over there.   I guess the LiveJournal people are just livelier!

As ever, MANY SPOILERS — so, be warned!

By the way, if you know of other current reviews of the series (or are reviewing it yourself), if you let me know, and I’ll post about here.   I do a google search every now and then, but you might know before I do…

Meanwhile, The Lost Steersman is currently being set up for Smashwords, so depending on whether or not it needs further tweaks, and how I feel post-surgery, it could be on sale for non-Kindle sometime next week.

Other meanwhile: still in the countdown to surgery.  I thought I wasn’t all that nervous, but surprise!  I am.   I can tell because I can’t focus on anything for very long, I dither over simple things, and I want to watch more television than is good for me.

But I’m sure it will all be fine.  They know what they’re doing.

Apr 30 2014

The Steerswoman, up at iBooks. PLUS: new review of The Outskirter’s Secret



The ebook of The Steerswoman is up for sale at iBooks, for those of you with Apple devices:


No, don't click on it -- I can't link you to an iBooks entry!  You'll have to go there yourself.

No, don’t click on it — I can’t link you to an iBooks entry! You’ll have to go there yourself.


Now, I know for a fact that the ebook has also been sent to Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Baker & Taylor Blio, and Flipkart (that’s in India — I’ve already sold in India via Amazon, by the way) among others.  However, it hasn’t shown up on their websites yet… So it could be a case of Real Soon Now, depending on the individual websites.

How do I know this?  Well, for everything not-Amazon, I’m using Smashwords as my distributor, and they do have some nice tracking, so I can see which online stores have been sent the ebook.    But so far, only iBooks actually  has the book on sale.

So, if you’ve been waiting for this, check your favorite ebook source, to see if it’s up yet — if it’s not, it will be, soon!

Next up: I have to do the same for the other books…

In other news:  Hey, James Davis Nicoll  has put his review of The Outskirter’s Secret online!  Go here for his fancy-blog version, and go here for his Live Journal version, which has a lot more comments from readers. I’m finding the discussion pretty interesting…

Be warned that there are TONS of spoilers.

Ack!  Must run now.   I am suddenly in a time-crunch.   This because they’ve set the date for my surgery as May 9, just over a week away, and now I must accomplish everything that needs to be done before that in that short span of time.

More later…

ADDED INFO I FORGOT:  Hey you can get it in every format, right now, from Smashwords themselves!


Apr 25 2014

Still here…


Still here, but kind of worn down… now that I’m off the Taxol and only getting Herceptin, I’ve been trying to do a bit more, to build up my strength.  I actually drove myself to all my appointments on Monday!  It was rather mind-boggling, after being chauffeured by my long-suffering sister for the last couple of months.    On another day, I took a half-hour walk!

Of course, both of those things completely wiped me out afterward, which is ironic: to get stronger, you have to make yourself more tired.  But that’s how you do it, push a little bit more each day.  Feeling tired is part of the process; it’s how I know I’ve actually done something.

I’ve received a lot of encouraging emails and comments — I probably won’t be able to reply to each one, but it really is good to hear from each of you.   It means a lot, and I want to thank you all.

In between resting and not-resting, I’m still working on getting the ebooks out on non-kindle platforms, with Sabine’s help.  I can’t give you a definitive timeline on that, not yet.   I should know more in a few days…

In other news: James Davis Nicoll has written quite a nice review of The Steerswoman.    Here’s the link to it on his website.

It’s also posted on his LiveJournal page, where other LJ’ers have left some comments.

More later; I have some stuff to do before I turn in…