I told you that I had a set of Wind Horse flags somewhere at home, and that I was going to put them up in symbolic acknowledgement of the difficulty of the task before me and declaration of my determination to persevere. However:

Worst. Wind Horse.  Ever.

Worst. Wind Horse. Ever.

I do know that the idea is to leave the flags up until they become weathered and tattered and faded with age. However. It’s cheating to have them start out that way.

I know it looks like they’re printed on taffeta (already a bad idea), but no self-respecting taffeta looks like this!

They are obviously printed on the sort of material called “interfacing“, which garment makers use to stiffen up cloth in clothing. And particularly cheap interfacing at that. I remember in the dim and dusty days of my youth when I actually went through a phase of making my own clothing as a way of saving money. At the fabric store, there were several levels of quality available for your interfacing. In those days, not understanding the concept of “You get what you pay for”, I’d sometimes opt for bottom of the line. Which was so badly woven that as soon as you ran it through the sewing machine, it would immediately unweave itself around the stitches, and simply flop to the ground, possibly in an attempt to escape.

And clearly, the factory workers responsible for these flags had the same problem, as they’ve done multiple fold-overs, and run some of the flags through their machine several times in an attempt to get the so-called cloth to stay attached to the string.

c. unacceptable

c. unacceptable

Hmpf, say I.

I shall acquire a better-quality set of Wind Horse flags in my copious spare time. I think I know where to get some locally…

(Daily scarf still to come. It’s too early. Note bed-head above.)

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