What is it, and why should you care?

Check out this infographic.

Or read this article in Wired online…

Prefer the New York Times? How about this?

Or O’Reilly?

What, are you British or something? Well, okay!

But oddly enough, one of my favorite explanations of the effects of SOPA/PIPA as it stands now is this post by Scott Westerfeld, addressed to his young readers, explaining what would happen to his weekly “Fan Art Friday” blog posts…

Pirating movies and music and books is Bad. Stopping piracy would be good. SOPA/PIPA won’t do that.

Instead, my site could be blocked, and I could face legal action, for linking to this:

You can protest.

3 Responses to “SOPA/PIPA”

  • Lindig Says:

    I’ve signed every petition and pledge that’s come my way.

  • Bill Says:

    Piracy is an increasing problem. More and more authors are finding their work copied, retitled and put up for sale for a couple of bucks per copy on Amazon and other sites. It is a very lucrative business. So Congress should do something to fight this new plague. Unfortunately this bill does not appear to be a solution.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Wait, what? Pirated books sold on Amazon?

      I know that pirated books are formatted for the Kindle and other ebook readers, and sold illegally on Ebay and sleazoid pirate sites — but I’ve never heard of pirated books sold through Amazon.

      Can I ask where you heard this?