Higgs boson? Yeah, we got yer Higgs boson right here…..



And Scientific American.

Ha to all the naysayers.

I am a happy camper!

But– what was that press release Fermilab did on Monday, two whole days before Cern’s?? Where they said, like: Oh, yeah, we’re almost completely absolutely certain the Higgs boson exists, based on all this data we’ve been accumulating for over ten years, that we’ve been sifting through, and you know what? We probably generated LOTS of Higgs bosons, we just didn’t notice at the time…

I do wonder if they had some serious advance notice of the announcement, and decided to make a statement first. Because saying all that after Cern’s announcement would have been tacky!

When I read Fermilab’s announcement, I thought, “Hm.. why are they saying this now? What do they know that we don’t?”

So I was pretty much expecting very good news very very soon.

And here it is! Hooray!

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