Stream a little stream with me….


The blogosphere (at least that part of it to which I pay attention) is largely silent this weekend..

Probably because all my favorite bloggers are either at DragonCon in Atlanta, or WorldCon in Chicago.

So, not only can I not be there myself, I must also forgo my usual fix of witticisms, deep thoughts and general geekery.

I am doubly deprived. snf.

But — aha — it’s the twenty-first century!

Worldcon is going to stream the Hugo Awards ceremony live. 8pm Central time.

There’s also a live stream of text-based coverage, with Kevin Standlee and Mur Lafferty reporting from the Grand Ballroom at the Hyatt.

So, I shall be watching from the comfort of my little (subterranean) garret. Plus: during the boring bits (come on, there are some) I can dust, pay my bills, practice a little guitar — all options not available to me were I present in person.

So I can still be among the first to know who wins!

(Still… wish I could be there…)

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