What. The. FRAK?


The Worldcon live stream was BANNED due to “copyright infringement” —

This because they were awarding the Dramatic Presentation awards, each of which came with a CLIP FROM THE TV SHOW nominated. Which was shown. Streaming. On to the Internet. Against, apparently, the freaking LAW!

Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY?



Well. I did get to see Neil Gaiman accept the award for best Dramatic Presentation short form, for the Dr. Who episode “The Doctor’s Wife”, which he wrote.

But I guess that’s it for the Hugos tonight.

3 Responses to “What. The. FRAK?”

  • Adina Adler Says:

    Someone on the CoverIt Live text stream had a good guess–it was probably the clip from Community. NBC may have had special bots set up to look for their own clips because of the Olympics.

    However, it also looks like someone tried to get in touch with UStream to ask them to unban us, and UStream said no.

    This is very disappointing. I’m hoping that the Hugo team has a video recording and will be able to post it somewhere tomorrow.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Adina —

      You know, I bet that’s it. Certainly, it was a bot, anyway, and not a human. Because, hello — FREE ADVERTISING for your TV show. A human would know this.

      And since they had to GET those clips from the people at the TV shows in question, obviously nothing was actually pirated.


  • Sean Fagan Says:

    WTF? That didn’t happen last year, and — as far as I know — all of the clips are used with written permission for public presentation.

    I see Digger won for graphic novel! Yay! (I only read it because it was nominated, but then I liked it very much!)