Because reasons!


In my friend Ann Zeddies’ blog,  she refers to something that happened “…For what my father’s elderly German friend used to describe as ‘too many circumstances.’ I think this was the pre-internet version of ‘because reasons!'”

I found myself reminded that I do enjoy  the phrase “Because reasons!” when it appears.  It must do so appropriately, of course.

The reasons must be either:

  1. too many to enumerate; or
  2. so glaringly obvious that  in our fast-paced 21st century, it simply isn’t worth stopping the fascinating futuristic things we’re doing  to write down something that everybody who’s anybody already knows; or
  3. none of your beeswax



Science fiction authors doing whimsical things to help one of their own!   Can your money be better spent?

Jay Lake is fighting cancer, and the SF/F world is rallying to help with the expenses (specifically in his case: gene sequencing).   Certain SF/F authors have been recruited to perform peculiar, or embarrassing, or perplexing acts, for money.   The money is for Jay Lake‘s expenses; the acts are for our amusement.  The list itself is worth the price of admission.

I just went over there myself and gave them some money because reasons!   (1, and 2, above, not 3.)

There was an option to include a little note with your donation.   After much soul-searching and agonizing, this is what I sent:


“I like whimsy.  I hate cancer.  Here’s my money.”


I feel that pretty much covers it.



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