In the carrell sans caffeine!


Oh, no! I forgot to grab a big cup of extra-strong coffee before setting up and settling down at the library. What will this mean?

Apparently, that I’ll be completely unable to focus. And that attempts to concentrate result in descent into near-sleep episodes.

Plus, my usual location is too crowded, and I don’t even have a window. In my search for solitude I’ve ended up in the reference section, among the sad little abandoned encyclopedias. Who reads these mysterious tomes, now that all wisdom is available online?

Your random quote:

“Almost universal throughout Polynesia, tattoo symbolized courage and was invariably regarded as an art sacred to the gods. Consequently, it was highly ritualized and its practitioners generally were of hereditary priestly status. Marked by feasts, ceremonial dancing, and even on occasion by human sacrifice, tattooing was an art of intricate design. Its motifs included spirals, abstract birds and fish, and naturalistic plant forms. The finest tattoo was reserved for chiefs and proven warriors who often paid tattoo experts in decorative mats, tapa cloth, and carvings.” — Historical Dictionary of Oceania, ed. Robert D. Craig and Frank P. King, Greenwood Press 1981

endpapers are maps!

One Response to “In the carrell sans caffeine!”

  • Lindig Says:

    Interesting quote. The idea of getting a tattoo makes me shudder. Not sure whether I missed the answer, but why don’t you write at home if being solitary is important? And how’s the free day effort working out? Started that yet?