Ha. You thought I was joking….


… when I said that whoever identified that quote would get a (small) prize.

But I was sincere!

These objects are now winging their way to the Nonesuch’s front door:



Why, it's a little teapot.

Why, it’s a little teapot.


It stands about 5 inches high, and holds about two cups of tea.


And some tea to go with it.

And some tea to go with it.


I’ve added the teas under discussion.


Just big enough for an evening cuppa, plus refill.


The Bengal Spice is caffeine free, so you can either jazz up, calm down, or confuse yourself by mixing both, which of course is what I do.


So. There you go.


12 Responses to “Ha. You thought I was joking….”

  • Mary Alexandra Agner Says:

    Oh, WOW. Is there any other way to get a teapot with Rowan’s worldmap on it? Please, oh, please say yes.

  • Nonesuch Says:

    Aww! How delightful! One of my dear friends happens to love maps and all things cartographic, so now I’ll have something to make tea in when she visits! Thanks in advance for helping to put me on the map–or at least helping me to make something ~in~ a map and then put it in me!

    And now Im going down to sit on the front doorstep and wait . . . .

  • bawa Says:

    Why decaff? Just some added chemicals to nuetralise the caffeine…they don’t remove anything from the tea/coffee I think.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Bawa –

      Bengal Spice tea is caffeine free because it’s herbal — there is no actual tea in it.

      That makes it technically a tisane, but people the States tend to call any plant-based stuff you put in hot water to make a drink “tea”. And Celestial Seasonings isn’t going to fight the trend — they just call it herbal tea..

  • Kalessin Says:

    I’d be interested, too!

  • Lindig Says:

    A Rowan-world cup or teapot? Me, too, please.

    I’m with you on the tea vs. tisane thing. Herbal stuff isn’t “tea.” I drink oolong (yum).

  • Sabine Says:

    Nonesuch, have your hot water ready! I’ve seen the pots and they look great, even though they’re small

  • Nonesuch Says:

    It did indeed arrive this afternoon. Hallelujah–let the tea flow like wine! (Or the tisane like tea.) Remember, if it gets homesick you can always come visit it. Thanks again . . . .

  • bawa Says:

    Ah, ok. Anything that makes you write is great for us! (totally selfish readers)

  • Rasma Says:

    I, too, would love a teapot. Better yet, I would love the next book! Just finishedy umteenth read through the series and was hoping to find there was a downloadable version of the 5th book for my plane journey to Britain…but alas!!! Patience, grasshopper!