Hello blackbird, hello starling!


I can’t stop singing this song:

Probably because of all of this:


Outside at the DayJob

and this:


And some serious this:

Stop smelling so good!  Stop it I say!

Stop smelling so good! Stop it I say!

I also like this version of the song, because: Watch what happens when he breaks a string!

Seriously, how can I be anything but glad?

In yer face!

In yer face!


3 Responses to “Hello blackbird, hello starling!”

  • Jason Cleaver Says:

    Don’t be fooled! We’ve had four days of warm weather (up to 19!) and now its due to plummet straight back down again; the weather forecast is saying there may be overnight frosts over the weekend!

    • Rosemary Says:

      Jason —

      And now it’s all rainy and dark today.

      Sang that song all the way to work, though.

      Well, and then all the breaking news about the hunt for the marathon bombers came in… definitely put a damper on my cheer.

  • Sabine Says:

    I finally got around to purchasing that song. In fact, I purchased one of Josh Ritter’s albumns that had 3 versions of that song. I like the studio version best for clarity, but the live version is faster and more exuberant. I’m all for exuberance!!!

    The snow is gone (at least in CT, but probably still in Tuckerman’s Ravine at Mt. Washington, N.H.)