Notice anything?


Here’s a hint:

Look up.

No, further up.

No, not completely off the screen!   On the screen, at the top of the website.

Notice anything different?

That’s right.

I’m interested in input and opinions on it, if you like.   Also, any errors you might find…


4 Responses to “Notice anything?”

  • Sabine Says:

    Yay, we’re live!

  • David Says:

    Free samples are a great marketing tool — and a great way to whet our appetites for more!

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    “Free reads”?

    Giving me hope that soon I’ll be able to purchase electronic versions of all of them?

    Pardon me, I am momentarily giddy.

  • Melinda Says:

    I already own all your books, but would love to have them in electronic format as well- so I can take them with me when I travel. The physical books are “forever” and the electronic ones for convenience.

    Nowadays, I read electronic books to see how much I like them, and then acquire the worthwhile ones in print for personal bestowment on future generations. (When I die, each of my books will be assigned a home where they will be properly enjoyed and cared for.)