I’ll get batteries tomorrow, or something.









3 Responses to “I’ll get batteries tomorrow, or something.”

  • Nonesuch Says:

    You can deal with the question mentioned in the hovertext of Picture #4 (“When I get back to the Dayjob, they’re gonna ask me how my vacation was”), simply by showing them the non-alcoholic beverage in Picture #6. Nuff said.

  • pointoforigin Says:

    Hee. You are ingenious. Now I’m imagining a story in which a writer is addicted to blogging and can’t stop, even after the Catastrophe. I suppose it would be back to handwritten treemail, disseminated by faithful fans. Sort of a fannish version of the Postman? But definitely without the mule-eating scene. Also without Kevin Costner. And I see I have now degenerated into imagining a movie or possibly a TV show, rather than a story. “Blogging without Batteries.”

  • Ellie Sommer Says:

    Noted in North Florida: Over the last 5 years rarely any thunderstorms. Unusual. We miss them. Changes in the jet stream? Climate change?