Annoyances and updates


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However, the good news is: Today was my last dose of Taxol.  That’s the T in the TH of my current chemo regimen, and it’s the culprit in the peripheral neuropathy.  So, whatever increase in side-effects I get in the coming week will be the last increase.   Then it’s just a question of will it go away?  And if it does, how long will it take?

Meanwhile, the usual steroid crash I get after these is due, probably by tomorrow night, after which I will lie around like a plate of particularly uninteresting aspic until, oh, Saturday night.  But also on the upside: I only got that massive dose of steroids because of the Taxol, and this was my last Taxol.  Sooo … after this, also no more steroids or steroid crash.  That will be nice.

Going forward, we just have the Herceptin every week (which does not knock me back as much as the Taxol), then surgery in May, and recovery, and soon after that, radiation therapy.  Which will be a whole new adventure.

In other news:  I missed the window for getting the ebook of The Language of Power completed before this week’s chemo and steroid crash.  So, it’ll have to wait until Sunday earliest for any further progress; ditto with the non-kindle versions of the ebooks.

One thing that ate up time was my taxes!   While in theory it could have been simple, it was complicated by the fact that I actually did get some miniscule amount of money from Del Rey on the paperback versions of my books.   I do have the rights back, and they’ve stopped selling my works — but the delay in their accounting system meant that I was still owed money from before I disengaged from them, and this money was paid in 2013 and I had to include it in my income.  Using the Profit or Loss from a Business 1040-C form.  I wanted to do it right, and be beyond reproach for 2013, because 2014 is going to be crazy-time, what with income from various streams, and all sorts of business expenses, as well as the Day Job that provides my health insurance.  It’ll be complicated.

And I had to get the taxes done before Chemo and steroid crash, because although I’ll probably be past the crash by Sunday, I might not be, given that it takes longer to recover each time, and it’s possible my down-time might extend into the tax-filing deadline.  So I wanted to do the taxes while I still had a brain I could count on.

Unrelated info:  Sabine and I have been watching Continuum on Netflix, which I quite enjoy.  They put a lot of work and thought into the future-scenes, and the acting is pretty good, the storyline complex.  Don’t let the synopsis fool you: “Cop from the future chasing terrorists.”  Bleagh.  Doesn’t cover it.

Also: I’m currently reading  The Little White Dove by JM Barrie (of Peter Pan fame).   This was a book I had stumbled upon ages ago when I was house-sitting in an old historical home, which had all sorts of fascinating old literature and scrapbooks lying around.  I found the book hilarious and sweet at the same time, and I love the narrator.  I just picked it up in a massive Kindle compilation of all of Barrie’s works, with cost next to nothing.  I’m glad to see that I’m enjoying The Little White Dove as much as I did the first time.

9 Responses to “Annoyances and updates”

  • Nonesuch Says:

    Wow, interesting stuff. You continue to prevail! May your neuropathies, peripheral and otherwise, be of short duration (old Irish Blessing). And thanks for the tip about Continuum. I had indeed dismissed it after hearing the synopsis. Hm, suddenly I want popcorn . . . .

  • courtenay Says:

    Congratulations on completion of the T!! Three (anticipatory) cheers for the recovery from the final steroid crash! Now then: off to amazon to buy ebooks (YIPPEE!!!)

  • Klaus Says:

    Wow, just had a look at your blog for the first time in months and saw about your cancer and chemo. Glad to hear that the chemo’s working well and that you seem to be done with the worst of it. All my best wishes for a speedy recovery. In the meantime, I’ve bought one of your e-books so that I can start re-reading the Sterrswoman on my Device.

  • numo Says:

    I don’t know you, Rosemary, but am thinking of you… Discovered your books a few weeks ago via, and just finished number three. Go, you, on getting the e-version ready whenever, and on recovering from the steroid crash, and the chemo, and all of it.

    I love the books. They remind me of some of Andrea Barrett’s work; the steerswomen are counterparts of Barrett’s explorer-scientists.

    All the very best to you, and thanks for the heads up on Continuum.


  • Laura Says:

    I drop in on your blog every once in a while (I discovered your books back in 2004 and keep hoping for the 5th one every few years – but I know first hand how difficult it is to write with a day job.) I just read about your diagnosis and difficulties. Both my boyfriend and I bought your e-books today to help with the cause and show our support (My hard copies are well thumbed and loved on the shelf.) You have both of our well-wishes for a speedy recovery and I truly hope your chemo, surgery and radiation kick the crap out of your cancer quickly and easily for you.

  • Jim DeWitt Says:

    I have idiopathic small fiber neuropathy. I live with numb feet that chill easily. You have my sympathies for that side effect. I hope yours goes away; mine slowly gets worse.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Sorry to hear about your neuropathy… I’ve actually got it in my feet as well as my hands. The jury’s still out on whether it will go away, but it seems to at least be in a holding pattern now.

      My doctor has me on B6, which has been show to help with diabetic neuropathy, and so might help chemo neuropathy, and L-glutamide, which they think might do some good in at least keeping it from getting worse. I wonder if these are useful in your situation?

  • Laurie Marks Says:

    Hey, Rosie, your high-voltage brain will reconnect the neurons with gusto. After watching Deb’s slow but steady recovery from fifteen years of neuro-toxins, I am a staunch believer in good old brain plasticity. She does jigsaw puzzles on her kindle–a big finger-brain connector for her. Give it a try (once they’re done pumping nasty stuff into your veins). Thanks for the book recommendation! Love ya!