Still here…


Still here, but kind of worn down… now that I’m off the Taxol and only getting Herceptin, I’ve been trying to do a bit more, to build up my strength.  I actually drove myself to all my appointments on Monday!  It was rather mind-boggling, after being chauffeured by my long-suffering sister for the last couple of months.    On another day, I took a half-hour walk!

Of course, both of those things completely wiped me out afterward, which is ironic: to get stronger, you have to make yourself more tired.  But that’s how you do it, push a little bit more each day.  Feeling tired is part of the process; it’s how I know I’ve actually done something.

I’ve received a lot of encouraging emails and comments — I probably won’t be able to reply to each one, but it really is good to hear from each of you.   It means a lot, and I want to thank you all.

In between resting and not-resting, I’m still working on getting the ebooks out on non-kindle platforms, with Sabine’s help.  I can’t give you a definitive timeline on that, not yet.   I should know more in a few days…

In other news: James Davis Nicoll has written quite a nice review of The Steerswoman.    Here’s the link to it on his website.

It’s also posted on his LiveJournal page, where other LJ’ers have left some comments.

More later; I have some stuff to do before I turn in…


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