Review for The Lost Steersman is up


The estimable James Davis Nicoll continues reviewing the Steerswoman series with book 3, The Lost Steersman, with interesting discussion in the comments in his LiveJournal blog.  It’s also up on his Dreamwidth site; nobody seems to comment, over there.   I guess the LiveJournal people are just livelier!

As ever, MANY SPOILERS — so, be warned!

By the way, if you know of other current reviews of the series (or are reviewing it yourself), if you let me know, and I’ll post about here.   I do a google search every now and then, but you might know before I do…

Meanwhile, The Lost Steersman is currently being set up for Smashwords, so depending on whether or not it needs further tweaks, and how I feel post-surgery, it could be on sale for non-Kindle sometime next week.

Other meanwhile: still in the countdown to surgery.  I thought I wasn’t all that nervous, but surprise!  I am.   I can tell because I can’t focus on anything for very long, I dither over simple things, and I want to watch more television than is good for me.

But I’m sure it will all be fine.  They know what they’re doing.

2 Responses to “Review for The Lost Steersman is up”

  • Sandie Says:

    Eek !! How quickly your surgery came round. Easy (for those not facing it) to forget with all the chemo.

    Watch as much TV as you like if it keeps you relaxed.

    Sending you a gentle virtual hug and hope all goes well.


  • pointoforigin Says:

    Nice reviews! So serendipitous that you have these to distract you right now. I hope lots of other people are reading them too!