Three groups:


1.  People who read this blog and (I assume) like my work.

2.People living within striking distance of New York City.

3. People who like Night Vale.

There are plenty of people who read this blog AND live in travel distance of New York.  I know many of them!

And lots and lots of people who live within a days travel of New York AND love Welcome to Night Vale.  Both shows that night are sold out.

I’m even aware of some people who read this blog, like my books, AND love Welcome to Night Vale (looking at you, Kate Nepveu!).

But someone who belongs to all three categories?   Apparently, approximately zero.

Oh, and one more hypothetical category, which Sabine suggested :

4. People who just won’t go to a live Night Vale show unless they can go to the show with their pal or significant other.

I call this a “hypothetical” category because Nigth Vale fans tend to be… devoted.   Taking myself as a mid-range example on the scale of Night Vale fandom, I would nevertheless be perfectly happy to attend alone, even if the person sitting next to me turned out be the devil himself.  Or worse… Steve Carlsberg. 

So between those three categories and the hypothetical fourth, it was always a possibility that no one at all would even try to win the tickets.

And that’s what happened!  Alas.

In other news: Big day tomorrow, of course.   At the hospital by 7AM, and probably home by 1PM, all sliced up, stitched up, and drugged up.  I shall sleep.  No, first I’ll eat something (no food after midnight tonight).  Then I’ll sleep.

Catch you on the flip side…




One Response to “Demographics”

  • Kate Nepveu Says:

    I wish I could! But I am solo-parenting this week which is highly incompatible with going to NYC for the night. Alas.

    Best wishes on the surgery.