Wait, what? Postponed AGAIN?


Yes, it’s true.  Surgery is postponed AGAIN.  Dammit!

This time it had nothing to do with me…  there was a mixup between my surgeon’s office and the surgical center.

There were three of us scheduled for surgery today; and three of us were waiting around in in the pre-op area, in various stages of getting ready for our various procedures… and around 7:30 AM the staff  started  looking at each other sidelong, going, “So…where is Dr. L?”

Someone from radiology came by at 8 and spoke to me, saying that even though my needle localization (which would not be done by my oncology surgeon, but another doc) was supposed to be at 8, they wanted to wait until Dr. L himself actually showed up. Because needle loc is no fun, and we don’t want to do it before we really need to.

Which was a good call on her part because:

The surgeon was on vacation.

Apparently, contrary to what everyone else thought, his vacation last week did not end on Friday.  Apparently, it continued into this week too.

I’m not angry, just frustrated.

Everyone was falling all over themselves to apologize, they were all so very sorry… And I know perfectly well how one small miscommunication can have a domino effect, and turn into big misunderstandings all around.  I blame no one!

Mind you, if they had gone ahead with the dreaded needle localization and then found out… yeah, you would have seen me mad.  I bless that person from radiology, who said, “I’m going to wait until I see the whites of his eyes.”

But I wanted this crap to be OVER WITH!  Dammit.  No sleep last night, no food, no water since 5AM.   Angst galore over the needle loc (which I would be awake for!), worry about the results of the sentinel node biopsy before the surgery, worry about the surgery..

All that angst, and then no payoff!  I get do to it all again!

Thursday.  We’re rescheduled for Thursday.

The only bright spot in all of this:

Remember that ticket to Night Vale Wednesday night, that I couldn’t give away?


I’m going to Night Vale.



10 Responses to “Wait, what? Postponed AGAIN?”

  • Kate Nepveu Says:

    They do a great live show–I’m fascinated, having been to one (“The Librarian”) and listened to the two they’ve released, how they’re using the change in medium in different ways. Enjoy your bright spot!

  • Nonesuch Says:

    Well, good then. Obviously, some force in the universe wants you to attend Night Vale. Ha!

  • Delia Says:

    Sorry you have to deal with all the prep twice–no fun at all., but that’s a good silver lining. xoxoxox

  • Victoria McManus Says:

    Clearly you were intended to go to Night Vale.

  • Kate Says:

    Victoria, go to Night Vale the _show_, I hope you mean . . .

  • pointoforigin Says:

    OH GOOD GRIEF. You are a much more reasonable soul than I am, because I’d be pissed. I would be all FIND DOCTOR HULK STOMP HIM NOW. But, if seen in the larger workings of the universe, as fate agreeing you should get to use your ticket, I guess this could be an acceptable development. I hope the trip is a lot of fun and brings you to your next surgery appointment in a relaxed and happy state of mind.

  • courtenay Says:

    And that would be… the universe’s way of making it up to you while simultaneously tying your shoelaces together. Eesh.

  • Michael Grosberg Says:

    Today’s the day then? I hope you enjoyed the Welcome to Night Vale show yesterday and that it somehow made up for the pre-operation fasting. Here’s to a smooth procedure today and a speedy recovery later. Good luck and God bless!

  • pointoforigin Says:

    I hope it’s all done now and all’s well, and you’re resting comfortably.