And then this happened…


Last Thursday night, just before turning in, I thought I’d check how my ebook sales were doing on Amazon…

Hm, said I.  I just looked around lunchtime, but now there’s, like… three times as many units sold.  That’s a puzzle.

And I went to bed.

The next day I did a Google search for the previous 24 hours, and this came up on Twitter:

Completely unexpected.

Completely unexpected.


@femfreq is the Feminist Frequency web series, founded by Anita Sarkeesian.  The series examines how women are represented in popular literature, media, and especially (as –let’s say — you just possibly have heard) gaming.

I had no idea that Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency knew of my work at all…  This is quite a nice endorsement.  I immediately tweeted back my thanks.

It’s really encouraging how many people have said nice things about my books (including, by the way, most of you!).   It helped boost me when I was ill, and helps sustain me now.

So,to  all of you (not just Anita, and Jo and Chad…) — my thanks.


3 Responses to “And then this happened…”

  • Lindig Says:

    Yay! And I ran across a discussion on women sf/f writers and you were recommended by someone; the blog author said “great, someone new to me but I’ll check her out.” Either on Metafilter or The Toast, can’t remember. Hooray for Anita (in all respects).

  • Erica Edelman Says:

    Steerswoman is one of my favorite series, and I actively recommend it to all my friends. So wonderful to see it getting the attention it deserves! 🙂

  • A Says:

    Sweet! There are a handful of writers whose work I think is criminally underrecognized, yours among them; I’m glad she gave you a shout-out. Hopefully her less humane hangers-on will not get ideas.