Inexplicably, a bear.


My writing office is located in a reclaimed and renovated factory complex.   I’m up on the third floor, at the far end.  Several offices at the near end (as you enter) are inhabited by a billboard-advertising company.

I’m usually on site after hours when the building is entirely empty but for me.  But as I passed the conference room the other evening, I noticed this forlorn gentleman:

Possibly awaiting a meeting...

Possibly awaiting a meeting…

The billboarders often have odd bits of marketing material strewn about: stacks of pies in the communal fridge, crates of wine, random containers of candies.   For one whole week the entire building smelled of Atomic Fireballs, the candy of our childhood, if you’re of a certain age.

I can’t help wondering about the bear, however.  I hope they’re sending him to a good home!

Yes, I petted him. How could I not? He was very soft.

Yes, I petted him. How could I not? He is very soft.

In other news: I’m off from the day job all next week.  Since Sabine and I have no family in the States but each other, we don’t do a big holiday get-together in our home.  Sabine usually finds pals to mooch off  visit on T-Day, while I often head off to some Undisclosed Location, taking the opportunity to get far away from the Real World and focus on creative endeavors (or attempt to).

This year, however, I have My! Own! Office!   So, I’m just hanging here.    For the next 10 days,  I’m going to pretend I have no job but this one.   It will be lovely.

I hope your holiday is filled with pals and family and excellent feasts, and all the best sorts of conversation.   (Or quiet time alone with your muse, if that’s your plan…)


Where's the selfie-stick when you need it?

Where’s the selfie-stick when you need it?



4 Responses to “Inexplicably, a bear.”

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    I loves me my turkey and mashed potatoes. So I get a meal from Boston Market — this is for the week. Then we go over to some friends’ house on T’giving and we watch some movies and generally have a wonderful time.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Ah, and so do we… but we cleverly wait until after Thanksgiving itself to buy a big fat turkey on sale, and cook it up over the weekend! So we get a meal, and leftovers, and my famous turkey-yam stew. Freeze up the portions, and we don’t have to cook for couple of weeks.

  • Lindig Says:

    Ten whole days? Wowser! Enjoy! Maybe the bear will migrate to your office, slowly and stealthily, as twer (sp). I go to a friend’s house to provide the non-family leavening, and come home with enough food for a few meals. Good deal for me. Best of the season to you.

  • pointoforigin Says:

    Your holiday will be filled with pals, family, excellent feasts, and the best kinds of conversation–you’ll just have to write them all, and they will appear! Thanksgiving with the Steerswomen.