More news about other people, one of whom could be YOU.


Remember the Schrodinger Sessions?  I talked about them last year.  They were a workshop on quantum physics, specifically created for science fiction writers. I was thrilled last year when my application was accepted, and even more thrilled during the three days of the workshop.  It was fascinating, elucidating, mind-blowing and emotionally uplifting.

Well, word has come down the pipeline that they’re going to be doing it again this year.   So…

Are you a writer?  Specifically, a writer of science fiction?  Do you need a better grip on this subject?   This is your chance.  You might end up spending three days eyeballs-deep in real, non-hand-waving scientific theory, led by real working scientists.

Cooling with lasers.

Applications aren’t open yet, but soon — so keep your eye open.  I’ll put up a note here when I hear further news.  Meanwhile here’s the website for last year’s event, so you can read more about it.

A similar thing exists for Astronomy, called Launch Pad, and it’s been going on for several years now.   The deadline for applications for that is — oops!  March 1.  Well, if you move fast you can still apply.  I never have, for different reasons each year.  This year’s reason: I can’t take the time out of my writing schedule.  But YOU could try for it!

My only regret about the Schrodinger sessions is that I haven’t been able to use what I learned yet –  because I’ve been deep in a long-term project that does not involve quantum physics (AKA the rest of the Steerswoman books).  I couldn’t step away long enough to turn to a different project last year, nor this year, probably.    But the whole experience has gone into the hopper.  We’ll see what comes out soon enough.

Other things YOU could be doing:

Do you like poetry?  You remember that Mary Alexandra Agner has a Patreon whereby you can support her science-inspired poetry, and get poems sent to you monthly, right?   I’m pleased to be one of her patrons…

Well, Jo Walton also writes poetry, with a wider range of inspirational sources — and Jo Walton now has her own Patreon account to support that effort. I really enjoy Jo’s poems, which I read on her blog regularly.  So I signed up to demonstrate my support with actual cash money.   You could do that, too!

(Okay.  Back to the unweaving of my currently-wrongly-woven tale, so that I can reweave it into what I should have been weaving in the first place.  I blame the day job.  Which is gone now.  So, you know: time to get it right.)


8 Responses to “More news about other people, one of whom could be YOU.”

  • bnanno Says:

    Just read The Fifth Season, which was apparently inspired during Launchpad 2009. So good stuff.
    Best news is always any mention of “work” on Steerswoman Series – I am selfish…

  • Jo Walton Says:

    So we were having a conversation about what we could call mobile phones that was nicer than “phone” since that’s not at all what they are really at this point. And Sasha suggested “link” and before you knopw it we were deep into Einar and the ghost lover and pining for another book, desperate.

  • Gareth Says:

    “the rest of the Steerswoman books” – That is very encouraging implying more than one more… Here’s hoping 🙂

  • Kalessin Says:

    I knew about laser cooling – but them I’m cheating by being a physicist XD

    I’ll be selfish and say I’m glad you put the Steerswoman books first. Though I hope, once you finish them (noooo, never finish them! Always write moooooore! *cough*) you get a chance at Launch Pad – it sounds like a really cool thing!

    • Rosemary Says:

      As fun as Launch Pad sounds, I feel like there are writers out there whose need is greater than mine! Astronomy is a subject that I think I have pretty good grip on. I’ve seen writers who think that the fair side of the moon is always dark, that a solar eclipse can take place across the entire planet at the same time, that the mere presence of a black hole means that OMG EVERYTHING IS GOING TO FALL INTO IT, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE AIIEEEEEE…. You know, basic stuff. I’d hate to take a slot away from someone like that…