Before the crowd shows up…



Heading to the office myself, after this

Everybody else is at work.


I figured that if I’m going to hike the park, I’d better do it today.

Mourning Cloak, or Admiral? (Actually, I'm thinking spicebush swallowtail with a broken tail.)

Mourning Cloak, or Admiral? (Actually, I’m thinking spicebush swallowtail with a broken tail.)

As soon as the weekend hits, it’s going to be like the Walmart parking lot out there.



Mr (or Ms.) Toad.

Right now, very peaceful.

(UPDATE: Weirdly, if you look at this post on an iPod or iPad, the first two photos are sideways… but not on other devices.  Don’t know why…)

(Later:  fixed it.)




2 Responses to “Before the crowd shows up…”

  • Ben Says:

    Butterfly pic flips on the side when I click on it (Chrome/Opera), for whatever reason.

    Good job spotting that frog/toad/feudal-oppressor-in-disguise 😉
    Hiking is way too underrated.

  • KatrinaK Says:

    The butterfly is definitely a swallowtail and it looks like a Spicebush to me. I took some nice pictures of Spicebush Swallowtails last week.