I managed to get out to the woods today…


The mountain laurels are in bloom.

In choosing which path to take when I came to a crossing, I just headed for the mountain laurels.


At first I just saw a few bushes here and there…

I heard a woodpecker, too; possibly the same Pileated Woodpecker that I spotted here last week.

The further I went, the more I saw.

The further I went, the more I saw.

Also spotted this:

In grade school, we were taught to call these indian pipes.

In grade school, we were taught to call these indian pipes.

This plant has no clorophyl.

I also saw this fallen tree:

I have no explanation for this.

I have no explanation for this.

It’s a fallen tree.  With a hole in it.  Why, I don’t know.  The hole is about eight inches by four, and goes straight through the tree.

It was a good walk of about an hour.  Followed by another walk later, from my office to the post office, because hey!  I work in a town, and the post office is walking distance.  About twenty minutes to and another twenty back.  Can’t say I didn’t get my exercise!  I’m well over 10,ooo steps, many of them directly uphill!

I also sent out the final Con or Bust paperbacks to the winning bidders.  Both in Texas, by coincidence.  Took care of a bunch of business -type chores, and cleared the decks for hitting the keyboard hard tomorrow and Saturday.

Sunday, it’s the Genrettes meeting, and I’m all a-twitter about what they’re going to say about that chunk of my prose that they’ve been reading…


2 Responses to “Seen”

  • Sarah Says:

    It might have been a birdhouse. People do that with dead trees sometimes — cut a hole with a chainsaw, fix up a door, and leave it for the birds to find.

    • Rosemary Says:

      That’s an interesting idea! This particular tree was now lying on the ground, but it’s possible it was dead but upright when the hole was cut. I didn’t look to see if the tree was on the ground because it had fallen of itself, or if it was cut down on purpose.