It’s been a long and strange year….


…and I’m pretty sure there’s more on the way for this coming year.



Times Square, New York City, 2016

I wish I were some sort of wise woman, and could deliver a deep and moving statement that would make everything clear, everything safe, and bring comfort, reassurance and peace to everyone.

Alas, I’m no such person, and I have nothing like that for you, or even for myself…

All I can say is this:

In the coming year –keep your eyes open.

Keep your mind engaged.  Watch, listen.  Pay attention.

This new year might be fine, might be perfectly fine; or it might be the worst ever.  It will probably be something in between.

But if things do start going wrong, don’t leave it to others — if you can, speak up.  If you can, step forward.

And if you can’t, then just hang on, and stay safe.


The first moment of 2017

To all my readers: thank you.  And all my best wishes to you and yours.

And, hopefully:  happy New Year.




One Response to “It’s been a long and strange year….”

  • Mage Bailey Says:

    Thank you…and especially for these kind words. All us old revolutionaries are creeping out of the woodwork. Some are crawling. You just keep writing.