Outskirter Paperback is live!


I hit the switch a couple of days ago, but there was a delay on their end, as they suddenly required me to prove, absolutely prove that I really had the rights to this book.   Which I was able to do to their satisfaction.  So all is well.

No typos left. In theory. Probably.

Typically, Amazon.ca in Canada is lagging,  and if you buy it through them, you’ll really be buying from someone who bought from a supplier in the States, and who will charge you about double the actual cost.  Alas, Canada, I have no control over this.  It might be as much as a month before the real price comes through.  I suggest that you buy it from Amazon.com, ship it to a pal in the States, and then visit them for the holidays!  You know you owe them a visit.

While sloping around Amazon, checking on the status of the listing, I stumbled upon this:

Nah. Really.

There is no universe in which it makes sense for a copy of the first edition of The Outskirter’s Secret to cost $691.   Even less so $860.   Even autographed.  It’s got to be a cover for some illicit activity, like a kilo of cocaine or something.  Those in the know will know what they’re buying, wink-wink.

Okay, I’m getting punchy now.  Must go back to working on the cover and maps for the paperback of The Lost Steersman.  It’s really quite a long book, I’m discovering.



5 Responses to “Outskirter Paperback is live!”

  • Ben Says:

    It’s actually a typical Amazon “scheme”. I don’t know what those used-book sellers hope to gain from this, but if you look around random other novels that have editions out of print you’ll see that it’s fairly typical that someone is selling it for crazy prizes.

    Might work like spam; through sheer quantity of those offers they probably get the occasional sale.

  • Ash Says:

    Sometimes they’re automated listings bots. There was a case some years back where two pricing bots pushed a book’s price to $23 million. One company always adjusted prices to be the cheapest, but only a little cheaper than the next-highest price. Another always adjusted prices to be second-cheapest. (Possibly they didn’t actually have the book and intended to buy it from the cheapest if someone placed an order.) The difference between their multipliers drove the price to ridiculous amounts.

  • David Tate Says:

    As we speak, the prices are up in the $1200 – $1400 range…