What you do on New Year’s Day…


I don’t know where I first heard it, but there’s a saying — or tradition, or possibly superstition — to the effect that what you do on New Year’s Day will set the tone for the rest of the year.

Which is why I came to my office today, to read and write and work on my covers, and possibly practice some singing and guitar.  Also, to not skip my walking.

So, here I am, doing, intermittently, all those things.  It’s lovely.

New Year’s Day 2018

I hope your New Year’s Day has also been lovely, and that the new year will be a whole lot better than last year, because: Damn, that was unpleasant.   But let’s not dwell on it.

Meanwhile, randomly, here’s a video of sundogs in Sweden.  I’m a fan of sundogs, and these are the best I’ve seen!



4 Responses to “What you do on New Year’s Day…”

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    That’s weird, you usually only expect penguins from Tennessee.

  • Yuzu Says:

    Your office looks so cozy, yet functional!

  • Terry Says:

    At this point, I suppose it would be gauche to ask about prospects for more books in the series. But, still, I would like to know…

  • Birgit Says:

    Happy New Year!
    Well, I guess since New Year’s Day is a legal holiday in Germany, most people don’t do anything but cure their hangover from the night before…
    although there are traditions like “New Year’s Swim” where people jump into various bodies of freezing cold water to ring in the new year. Which is totally not my idea of a fun time! 🙂