Feb 1 2022

Just checking in…


The deep dive I planned for January proved not as deep as planned, due to life-type chores  and some  other things that required a bit more attention than I had expected…

Result: Doin’ it again for February.  So far, just a couple of appointments, and a couple of Zoom social events…

So, if you were expecting an email that you haven’t got yet, this is why.

I might take a day to clear up the backlog… then back into the fray.

In other news:

Author Catherynne M. Valente caught COVID19. And not the semi-friendly version.  Pop over to Twitter and wish her well!  (@catvalente) And/or sign up for her Patreon , which I did the other day.

My inspiration for doing that was this amazing rocket that she built for her son — go and check it out, and be in awe!

Be sure to scroll or click to see ALL the pictures.

I’m also reading a book of hers (technically a novella, I think):

The Past Is Red by [Catherynne M. Valente]

I had heard her read from it at a previous Readercon, and loved the excerpt.  So, naturally, in my head Tetley Abednigo speaks with her voice now.


Genrette Laurie J. Marks sent me a drawing of hers:

Running out of wall space in my apartment!

You know how much I’ve been raving about Laurie’s art.  Now I have one to keep!

Heck– it just turned past midnight, meaning that this is a February post and not a January post.  Except for you folks in other time zones…

Well, better get back to it…