Okay, let’s try this again


Every New Year’s Eve I post something here to the general effect of: Well, let’s hope next year’s going to be better, right? 

Well, I want to be that hopeful this time, despite the fact that world events this year have been pretty craptacular, and show signs of continuing in a similar vein into 2023.

On the other hand, I’m watching the Times Square celebration on my iPhone, an object seemingly  from the future…

On its way down…

And the woman singing the traditional last song before midnight (Chelsea Cutler) is, surprisingly, not a spray-painted, sequinned mannikin-like sexual object, but apparently an actual human being.

And two guys proposed to their girlfriends on camera a bit earlier, which was sweet to see; and the midnight kisses caught on the big screens included a few same-sex couples, which I feel speaks well of Humanity’s humanity.

And the pandemic seems to have retreated to a manageable state.

So.. yeah.  Things could turn out okay.  Or  at least better than this year.

But… Ukraine is still being bombarded.   And the whole anti-abortion fiasco, with women being refused actual medically necessary procedures because  hospitals are afraid that helping clear out the remains of a miscarriage might be construed as providing an abortion, for which they could be criminally prosecuted.

Well, that’s bringing me down…

Hey, I just remembered that fellow Genrette Laurie J. Marks is coming over tomorrow to hang out, eat sandwiches from Rein’s Delicatessen, and natter!   Well, that’s a cheery event!

I’m hearing some fireworks in the distance, but cannot see them due to the rain and dense fog… but the effect is actually sweet, and sort of poignant.

Yeah, let’s give 2023 the benefit of the doubt, and just assume things (at least some things) are going to be much better.  I hope that you and everyone you care about are well and safe.


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