Redesign in process…


I’m currently in the process of redesigning the website… along with sundry other things that are preventing me from giving the redesign my fullest attention.   But I suspect that you’d rather have me do those things than this, right?

Meanwhile, if you’re new: Hi!  I’ll be returning to regular posting (probably in January) but in the meantime, go ahead and browse around.  (Some older posts have weird typographical issues, due an update to WordPress that changed some  functionalities– and this is the reason I need to redesign my website.)

Some interesting previous posts:

Randall Munroe puts a Steerswoman reference inside an interactive XKCD comic!

Other nice people also say some nice things.

I say some nice things about other people.

And more nice people, this time actually visiting me!

And from nine years ago, the advantages of being a science nerd when undergoing radiation therapy.  (Don’t worry, it’s all over, and everything is fine.)

If you’re coming here from John Scalzi’s Whatever blog‘s Holiday Shopping Guide:  Thanks for dropping by!  (I can’t say enough good things about Scalzi.  He is a treasure to the the SFF world…)


5 Responses to “Redesign in process…”

  • DensityDuck Says:

    I read “The Steerswoman” several years ago. I
    just finished “Outskirter’s Secret” and immediately ordered the other two books. Looking forward to reading them! Keep on writin’, nutmegger!

  • Eliza Says:

    Hello! My sibling has picked out a reading challenge for the coming year, and one of the prompts is a book that has a 24 year old protagonist. The first book that came to my mind was “The Steerswoman,” but I’m not certain of Rowan’s age and can’t pinpoint what makes me want to place her at 24. Would you be able to confirm her age for me?

    • Rosemary Says:

      Alas, no. Rowan was eighteen at the time of the Academy (when she first saw the sea, as she says in chapter 10), studied for four years, and in the last chapter mentions to Corvus that she’s four years past her training. That makes twenty-six.

      Twenty-four is an odd thing to specify as a reading prompt, but who am I to argue? I’m sure there are plenty of 24-year-old protagonists out there!