Unreal sights

another floating island

another floating island

Bryce is a computer generated image creation program.   It’s available from Daz3d.

If you’re coming from zero background in CGI, the learning curve is pretty steep.  Although the  basic interface is largely intuitive,  the deeper you get into the cool options, the more idiosyncratic their location becomes.   It feels like it was designed by about seven different teams, with differing ideas of where to locate options.

But the nice thing is that, starting right away, you can make some cool images.

I made these, just messing around and having fun.

They make good desktop wallpaper, and print out pretty nicely.

Do with them what you will — I’m releasing them under Creative Commons.

To prevent this page from being so crammed with hi-res images that it takes forever to load, I’ve started grouping images onto separate pages.


[More early images]

I like skies, water, and floaty things.   Can you tell?[more in the CometWorld series]

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Daz3d also has some computer animation software — and I really am fascinated by computer animation.  I’ve  downloaded the free version of their Studio 3.   I don’t know if I’ll have time to ever get expert at it…