Nov 27 2009

The problem with decisions like this


I had decided to put off buying a new computer until after New Year, on the theory that tax deductible purchases work better in a year when there’s actual writing income against which to apply the deduction.

And then my computer flopped over on its back, stuck its paws in the air and declared that it saw the angels coming to take it home.

Seriously. At, like, 6pm today.

Posting this via a friend’s computer, on which I shall also write whatever deathless prose can emerge from this weekend.

Nov 25 2009

Limited Internet for the weekend


Yep, going away to write. Skipping turkey day altogether to get outa town.

I might have internet access… or I might not bother, as it involves Fuss.

Or I might just be intermittently present.

UPSHOT: might not be much action here until I get back. You have been warned.

Don’t make a mess while I’m gone.

Nov 24 2009

Tweaking links


I decided to go with two list of links: one being actual friends of mine (fellow authors, for the most part, because they’re the sort of people who have blogs and websites) and the other just favorite links.

Reason being that I can change and update the Links I Like fairly often, without affecting the Pals.

(Or vice versa.   If I suddenly turn mean, and lose all my  friends.)

Nov 23 2009



Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • selected a design format
  • created the basic blog
  • tweaked the options so that I get the column layout that I want
  • decided what to put in the sidebars
  • learned how to link to other pages
  • learned how to upload images and control how they appear on the website
  • created placeholder pages for info about my books and my stories
  • created a rough version of the page for original music

What I want to do next is:

  • Pin down the wording on my sidebar items
  • rearrange them to be clearer
  • add to the “Books” page, to list each book and link to places you can buy them
  • Add “Object” and “Images” placeholder pages to the “Sounds, Objects and Images” links.

When I will do all this: not immediately.   It’s Thanksgiving week, and I wil be going away, as has become my habit, to use the 4-day weekend to write.

Maybe some of it will happen before I leave…

Nov 22 2009

Time to do something else


I could, if I let myself, spend my entire weekend designing my website –  it’s fun, rewarding, and uses all my favorite parts of my brain.

But I’ve got to write, too.

So I’m going to go to that now.

Nov 22 2009

… and how about a pic?


From my phone.   Which, of course, equals crappy resolution:

Nov 21 2009

Now with more content


Like this. Content.

Just still working with the thing, ‘kay?

Nov 21 2009

Trying to get links to work


on the sidebar, that is

Nov 21 2009

Still fussing


Fussing with details, trying to tweak…

Not reall officially open for business yet.

Nov 21 2009

Hello world!


Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!