Nov 23 2009



Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • selected a design format
  • created the basic blog
  • tweaked the options so that I get the column layout that I want
  • decided what to put in the sidebars
  • learned how to link to other pages
  • learned how to upload images and control how they appear on the website
  • created placeholder pages for info about my books and my stories
  • created a rough version of the page for original music

What I want to do next is:

  • Pin down the wording on my sidebar items
  • rearrange them to be clearer
  • add to the “Books” page, to list each book and link to places you can buy them
  • Add “Object” and “Images” placeholder pages to the “Sounds, Objects and Images” links.

When I will do all this: not immediately.   It’s Thanksgiving week, and I wil be going away, as has become my habit, to use the 4-day weekend to write.

Maybe some of it will happen before I leave…