Jan 24 2010

Reply to the inevitable question


Over on Facebook, after I apologized for forgetting her birthday, my friend Libbey asked,  “… and how is the book coming?

I said:

It’s an adventure.

I don’t just mean that the story I’m writing is an adventure story— I mean that the process of writing it is an adventure all its own.

There are heroes (me and my friends!), villains, goals and obstacles (plenty of those); shining moments of revelation; some dark despair, just enough; hacking through tangled forests of confusion, while being pursued by SomeThingElse; encounters with dragons; taming of dragons; riding on dragons; falling off of dragons in mid-air; deserts that must be crossed (very large ones); spaceships viewed in the far distance, inaccessible; moments of courage; moments of no courage whatsoever; and moments where everyone sits around and drinks a great deal of tea.

Unlike the book itself, I don’t get to edit out the boring bits.