I, Blogger


This morning I was checking out the Del Rey website (a thing I do with a fair amount of regularity)  and I spotted a link I hadn’t noticed before.

Apparently, they’re looking for bloggers to review books.

And I thought: Hey, they publish my books.

The Language of Power

Plus: I read.

Plus: I now have a blog.

Also: I’ve written reviews in the past.

Is this a match made in  heaven, or what?

So, I filled out the form and sent it off.     We’ll see what happens…

3 Responses to “I, Blogger”

  • the second version of me Says:

    When there are no comments, the comments counter says “no comments” which I feel might be misinterpreted as “No comments allowed”! Maybe this is somthing that can be changed? Are people being discouraged from commenting?

  • Ita Says:

    No. most people who comment at various sites know “no comments” means no one commented yet.

    I suspect you can change “no comments” but haven’t a clue as to how. Some of your computer geek friends should be able to help.

    Love your books! Can’t wait for the next one.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Interestingly, I actually am a computer geek, myself!

      But when I said “Maybe this is something that can be changed?” I really meant “Maybe this is something that ought to be changed?”

      If everyone knows what it means, I’ll just let it stand…

      Meanwhile: glad you like the books, and thanks for the good words!