Vagabond no more


Yep.  There it is.

welcome home

Heh.  The perspective makes it look like it’s the size of a hockey rink, but it’s fairly normal sized in real life.

I’m still getting used to the aspect ratio.   At least it doesn’t do that horrible thing I’ve seen some wide-screen monitors do, of taking normally square images and making them panoramic by spreading them across the screen like butter on very narrow toast.   The aspect ratio of the original image is preserved, thank you very much.

Spent most of this evening just setting it up, opting all the options, designating the defaults, agreeing to every EULA that slides past my eyeballs.   I’ve got free laptop LoJack for a year, but I might not keep it.   And auto-backups, and all whatnot.

So far, love the keyboard, which is critical.   I keyboard a lot.

But now I must find some better means of hauling it around.   The computer compartment of my daypack doesn’t really have enough protection.     Some squashy cushioning, but no solid protection.

Must go and tweak a bit more before turning in.

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