Yep. New toy.



Don’t worry — I didn’t spend any of my own hard-earned money on this baby.

Apparently I have been at my DayJob long enough in actual years to earn a token of their appreciation.    Which took the form of a list of cool things, from which I could pick, the idea being that the person picking would not know how much the company actually spent on the item.

Of course, I work in Accounting, where I See All Numbers.   On which subject I shall remain silent.

Let’s just say that I could have used the money instead…  but that was not an option.

Anyway, I now unexpectedly own a 64 gig iPod touch.  Which is a hell of a thing.

It’s basically a computer.  Just… little.    I am delighted by it.

Partly, I think, because I have some inkling of what it took to make this thing be what it is.  There’s some amazing programming that went into it, clearly.   Makes me miss being a programmer.

Cool things I can do:  anything on the internet; maps, weather, timers.   Music, podcasts, audiobooks.   Downloaded an excellent astronomy application.  Email.

Meanwhile: writing, musing, getting ready for Boskone.   The blizzard attacked us this morning, but now seems to have calmed down.   I’m working upstairs in order to be able to hear the snowplows when they come, so I can know when to move my car.   Bonus: actual natural light (my home office is in a finished basement).

Thus, nothing actually substantive to say here, as I am currently applying all my substantiveness substance to The Book.  I plan to be very busy with it today.

2 Responses to “Yep. New toy.”

  • Sabine Says:

    I’m jealous. Plus I love that Bryce image you created for the wallpaper.

  • Rosemary Says:

    Thanks. It took some figuring how to upload it, since I had set things so that the software wouldn’t automatically sync all my pictures onto the iPod. I see no reason to have every photo I ever saved on my computer taking up space on my iPod.

    That particular image is a little gaudy for full-screen wallpaper, but pops nicely for a tiny iPod screen.