Mar 31 2010

Well, that was exciting…


Hey, thanks everyone, for all the great responses. And for passing on the link. For about 24 hours, it looked like my poem was being posted, referred to and tweeted just about everywhere. My brush with internet fame, thanks to all of you!

Things have calmed down now.

I’ll have a substantive post this weekend; but for now, I just wanted express my appreciation to everyone who read it, enjoyed it, and passed it on.

Plus: way more fans on my fan page now, ha!

Here’s a Bryce image I made, just ’cause I like it. Looks good on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Other phone screens might be too small… copy away at will!


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Mar 27 2010

Because it had to be done


Okay, it was inevitable.   Someone was going to do this, eventually.

Apparently, that Someone has turned out to be me.

(this makes more sense if you’ve read the original)


Your farm does not exist.
You puzzle me.

I was of three minds,
Facebook, Twitter, and blog.
But it was only one post,
Like a blackbird
Sitting in three trees at once.

Sixth grade lunch hour
Decibel level = 110.
All my friends are talking at once,
But not to me.

Twenty years ago, you dumped me for no good reason.

Hello, my new friend.
I see you have become a fan of XX==>DDD.
Now, what page is that?
I see.
Yes, those breasts are quite large.

Eighteen years ago I dumped you
For very good reasons.

My Fan Page is ready
One click away from Live.
Oh, look, I have a fan, huzzah!
No, wait, that’s me.

My personal account has 32 friends.
My fan page has 7 fans.
I now understand my royalty statements.

I do not believe these are the End Times,
Nor that God has a plan for me.
I do not care that you are in an open relationship.
But my fan page is open to everyone,
And you may stay.

I commented.
I saw my comment on three pages.
Three circles of which I am the edge.

I’ve known you all your life
But I never knew you liked that song,
that singer.
And you never knew that I sing.

They are all here
The mountebanks and preachers,
The grade-school crushes and bullies.
We find, and we are found.
But do you see the distance I have run,
or my shadow?

We speak, addressing no one in particular
and wait for comments.
Where is this river going?
Where does the blackbird fly?

It was 3AM all night.
I was writing
and I was going to write.
I used a pen
And I was alone.

Mar 27 2010

What I said


Over at Chad Orzel’s Uncertain Principles blog, he’s asked for book recommendations.  Here’s what I said:

Robert Charles Wilson’s SPIN. If you haven’t already, that is, as it’s not a new book. (Actually, I’d be interested in a scientist’s take on the science in it…) You can follow it up with everything else ever written by Robert Charles Wilson.

On the absolutely opposite end of the spectrum: Catherynne M. Valente’s THE GIRL WHO CIRCUMNAVIGATED FAIRYLAND IN A SHIP OF HER OWN MAKING. (I haven’t quite finished reading it yet, so I hope that after recommending it, I don’t watch it flip around and prove me wrong!) That one’s online, and can be read for free, although the author politely requests donations (which I shall, even should it flip; the pleasure I’ve got from it so far is already worth the bucks). In a certain mood, I’m ready to read things that are clearly shaped as fairy-tales, and I’m finding Valente’s take on the form both charming and moving.

And for something smack-dab in the middle, how about PANDEMONIUM by Daryl Gregory? I came across this book when I was a judge for the Phil K. Dick award (a strictly-SF award, so the book was disqualified by some of the judges as not being SF, in their opinion). I found it fun, and poignant, and clever and deep. (Don’t read the cover blurb, however — I feel it gives too much away.)

Right after I posted it, I had a vague memory of actually having said those things to Orzel in person.   If so, I now look like a dope.

Ah, well.   At least the readers of his blog will now have heard of those books, and might read them.  Pass on the good stuff whenever you  can, say I.

Mar 23 2010

Oh, yeah, um…


I forgot to let all my friends know that I now have a blog…

Think I’ll go do that now.

Mar 22 2010

Short post


Still sick, but dragging myself to the DayJob anyway, since the person who covers for me when I’m out is also out and all the stuff I didn’t do on Friday is now twice as urgent.

No time to say anything else, for the moment.

Except: the favorite post in this blog seems to be “Reply to the inevitable question“.   Lots of comments keep coming in to that one, and I thank you all.

More later.

Mar 19 2010

Home sick


Home sick from work, bleagh.

May possibly feel better enough tomorrow to post something coherent.

Meanwhile:  reading + napping + kitty = best way to recover.

Also: O.J.

Mar 11 2010

You know what’s worse?


You know what’s worse than hearing the music you listened to in your teens  being referred to as “Oldies?”

Hearing it referred to as “Roots music.”


I am now officially older than oil shale.

Mar 8 2010

Adademy Rewards


Only reason I watched:  I had to clear out the crap in my office (so that I can actually work in there), which was so both boring and daunting that I needed something  going on in the background that would distract me without being too interesting.

High point for me:  “Wait, isn’t that Sally Sparrow from Dr. Who?”

Yep, Carey Mulligan.  Yep, nominated for Best Actress.

She was in Blink, which was:

Best. Dr Who. Episode.  Ever.

(Must run off to the DayJob now….)

Her Oscar Dress, If You Care, I Don’t Know, Some People Do.

Mar 6 2010



I’ve got stacks of books to read.

I’ve also got stacks of books to write…

Today, I decided to consume instead of produce.

This inspired by the fact that although David Anthony Durham’s Acacia has been in my possession for nearly a month, I have not finished reading it.

And Chad Orzel’s How to Teach Physics to Your Dog.

Not to mention Catherynne M. Valente’s The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, which (as far as I’ve yet read into it) is exceedingly wonderful in every way.  And is also online and free to read, so you have no excuse  not to go there right now.

Plus: I will play some guitar and sing for my own bemusement amusement.

That’s my pic of valente's book -- it's online