Adademy Rewards


Only reason I watched:  I had to clear out the crap in my office (so that I can actually work in there), which was so both boring and daunting that I needed something  going on in the background that would distract me without being too interesting.

High point for me:  “Wait, isn’t that Sally Sparrow from Dr. Who?”

Yep, Carey Mulligan.  Yep, nominated for Best Actress.

She was in Blink, which was:

Best. Dr Who. Episode.  Ever.

(Must run off to the DayJob now….)

Her Oscar Dress, If You Care, I Don’t Know, Some People Do.

2 Responses to “Adademy Rewards”

  • David Says:

    Should’ve known you’d like Who too! Have to agree about Blink. Hope you’re enjoying what Moffatt’s doing with the series now that he’s in charge — I know I am!

    • Rosemary Says:

      I’m still on the fence about Moffatt, and the new Doctor… time will tell. I don’t get BBC America, so my viewing is somewhat delayed. We’re only up to the Van Gogh episode.