Creativity has wasted no time in arriving…


I just got here, and look what Ann Zeddies already did:

Ann draws me reading "Chysalis", a story by Geary's son Gabe.

I like this picture. I should use it as my avatar!

Drawn on her iPad. Yes, she has an iPad.

I didn’t want one, until I held it. Now: tech lust!

[added later: if you don’t generally check the hovertext on the images I post here (and you should, you know!), you will have missed that “Chrysalis” is a short story by Gabriel Gill, the son of my pal and fellow author Geary Gravel]

6 Responses to “Creativity has wasted no time in arriving…”

  • Elizabeth B Says:


    Hey, what is Ann Zeddies up to these days? Her site hasn’t been updated in a while. *sads* Her Singer duology ranks as one of my favorite series ever.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Elizabeth —

      Ann is hard at work on several projects. Her most recent published work is the story “Ten Thousand Waves” in the anthology “Magic in the Mirrorstone”, edited by Steve Berman.

      Are you aware that she also published as Toni Anzetti?

  • Gabe Says:

    Thanks 4 the mention. BTW, how did you like the story?

  • Elizabeth B Says:

    Rosemary, I am. 🙂 Her two Typhon novels didn’t grab me as much–though I did enjoy them–and have since been donated. The Singer books, OTOH, you will pry out of my cold, dead hands.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Then there’s Steel Helix, which is the Typhon prequel, but not set on Typhon, and inexplicably not published as Toni Anzetti — she became again Ann Tonsor Zeddies for that one. Which puzzled us. But Del Rey insisted, apparently.

      And you remind me that it’s past time for me to re-read the Singer books.