Jun 25 2010

Creativity has wasted no time in arriving…


I just got here, and look what Ann Zeddies already did:

Ann draws me reading "Chysalis", a story by Geary's son Gabe.

I like this picture. I should use it as my avatar!

Drawn on her iPad. Yes, she has an iPad.

I didn’t want one, until I held it. Now: tech lust!

[added later: if you don’t generally check the hovertext on the images I post here (and you should, you know!), you will have missed that “Chrysalis” is a short story by Gabriel Gill, the son of my pal and fellow author Geary Gravel]

Jun 25 2010



I’m actually at the DayJob, posting from work because I have Monday off and I CANNOT WAIT!

Three-day weekend, Yay!

I shall spend it at the intermittently-celebrated Green Moth Society Debauch. Champagne is involved, as always. Plus many deep writerly conversations, fueled, in part, by champagne.

Collages might occur.

Yikes, here comes The Boss! —