And not a moment to spare…


During all last week, that is. It was the first week back on the DayJob after surgery, and so I had to start digging in to the backlog of work undone while I was gone, which is to say, most of it, whilst simultaneously accomplishing my usual weekly cycle of tasks. Whilst also simultaneously trying not to overwork the hand.

Sigh. My plans for brilliant blog posts have been pushed forward, of necessity.

Plus: Visiting Laurie & Deb this weekend, so also no blogging. But I might find time to actually, say, work on writing. Seeing as Laurie (Laurie J. Marks) is also a writer, and not averse to a suggestion of, “Hey, let’s go to a coffeeshop with our laptop and pad and not speak a word for, like, two hours. It’ll be cool!”

In other news: Fingers still a bit tingly, but it’s less every day. So I’m definitely on the mend. I can do everything except hang on to really heavy objects, grip things that I also have to yank really hard, or grab things and then press down on them (like scrub sponges).

More later, promise.

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