Happy birthday to me




4 Responses to “Happy birthday to me”

  • Elizabeth B Says:

    Oh, ow is right. D: Feel better soon!

    (I almost wish that surgery would fix my problem. Alas, there is no thoracic outlet release surgery; it would probably involve removing the head from the neck and hence would have limited utility as a theraputic method.)

  • Jason Says:

    Holy crapamoley! You take care of that, lady!

    I hope you get some pain relief, because apparently you have been suffering and just not sharing your pain on this website…

    P.S. I come to this site several times a week. I am a big fan, and would search for anything I could find about you and your writing on the web periodically. It’s great to have this little peek thru your shades, so to speak…

    • Rosemary Says:

      Jason —

      Hey, thanks!

      The issue is not so much pain as numbness, swelling and stiffness. One-handed typing gets tiresome, so: not much posting happening.