things to do while I’m gone


Because I’m wrapped up in overtime on the DayJob this week, I’ve had not a moment to spare.

Actually, I’ve had moments to spare. And then I instantly used them up. Writing. And then I had no more to spare.

I’ve been taking my laptop everywhere, hiding out in the training room at lunch at the DayJob, scribbling in waiting rooms etc.

Thus, no time to blog.

So, I thought I could at least say: “Hey, go look at this cool thing elsewhere on the Internet.”

But I had to quell an impulse to just keep this particular one  to myself, hoarding it, as it were, as if such a thing could be done with something on the internet.   Being greedy, and Not Sharing.

This because it involves the delicious extremely talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt who makes me SQUEE like a fangirl, which in a middle-aged woman is not, believe me, NOT a pretty sight seems to be emerging as one of the more interesting creative artists of our new multi-media, multi-connected 21st century world. directed me here :

Which I then tracked back to here, and this is where it gets REALLY interesting:

Check out the actual website,, and be sure to scroll down to the squibs and reels available for collaboration.

This is such a fascinating idea — if I weren’t wrapped up in an endlessly hair-tearing involving, demanding project already (plus DayJob), I’d be on this like butter on grits.

But I urge all my creative friends (and I have many, many) to check this out.   Especially you, Gabriel Gill.   Yes, you.   Talkin’ to you here.  Hello, draws-at-the-drop-of-a-hat, writes-stuff-too, has-actually-been-to-animation-camp, that Gabriel Gill.

And everyone else as well, of course.

Or, just click on the videos above and go SQUEE admire Mr. Gordon-Levitt, and consider this very interesting approach, made possible by the fact that we live Now.

There’s much talk (some of it from me) about how we are “living in the future.”  In fact, of course, we’re not.  We’re here now.  Now is not the Future, it’s Now.

And as you can see, there are people perfectly at home with Now, and with all the possibilities of what’s available to us, creatively, Now.

4 Responses to “things to do while I’m gone”

  • Nonesuch Says:

    Huh. That was a really cool and quirky video, made even moreso after I watched the second one. More power to him, I say!

    • Rosemary Says:

      Nonesuch —

      I thought it might appeal to you, especially with your love of language play.

      There’s another Morgan M. Morganson episode:

  • Gabe Says:

    Wow!!! That’s incredible! I’ll have to check out the website.

    Hope the hair tearing subsides!


    • Rosemary Says:

      Gabe —

      I figured that might be right up your alley!

      And I don’t mind the hair-tearing if some decent prose results… I’ve never been all that fashion-conscious. More words, less hair!