Before it gets too cold


Better take advantage of that last bit of sunshine before it’s too cold to go swimming!

(vid by Sabine!)

In other news:

1. Car’s about to die. Can I afford to replace it? Jury’s still out.

2. Zombie fingers! Ewww! Still tingly at the tips, and slightly numb. Oddly, the bits that are numb are exactly the bits that come into contact with a pen or pencil held at writing position. Somewhat clumsy playing the guitar, as well.

3. Working extra hours at the DayJob, due in part to it now taking somewhat longer to do what I used to be able to do more quickly than was actually sensible.

4. Going to the gym. Lots. Because.

5. Secret project! What can I tell you about it? Nothing! No, wait, I just told you something. Well, okay, but only that.

ACK! Must run off to the DayJob, I’m late!

4 Responses to “Before it gets too cold”

  • Nonesuch Says:

    If the Secret Project is that starship you’ve been building in the sub-basement, remember your old pals when it’s time to hit the road. (I call shotgun!)

  • pointoforigin Says:

    I admire you for going to the gym! And sympathize with your car woes. And am intrigued by your Secret Project.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Pointoforigin —

      The gym, alas, is no longer optional. The DayJob is eight-plus hours of locked-body deskwork, liberally interspersed with periods of adrenaline-squirting urgency. I end my day shaped like a pretzel.

      But hooray for audiobooks! They are the only reason I’m able to stand going to the gym. I’m currently listening to Robert Charles Wilson’s Julian Comstock , which I’m finding wonderful. Some laugh-out-loud moments won me a few side-glances, but they were merely curious and not disparaging.

      The fact that I love the book, and I’m only allowed to listen while I’m working out or cleaning house keeps me motivated. Fiction-hunger will make me strong.