Training room


First, I would take my lunch break at the second desk in the Accounting Room, placing an “Out to Lunch” sign on my own desk. People respected it, and I’d use my time to write on my laptop whilst munching.

Then, they put someone else at that desk; so I’d slide down my desk away from my work computer, and used my laptop to write, with both an “Out to Lunch” sign and a “Back At” clock-hands sign on my desk. And people respected that.

Then, they stopped respecting it, and I’d get hit with work-related requests, as long as I was visible.

Solution: Stop being visible!

There was a big ol’ semi-permanent tent out back, used for big meetings and special events, empty the rest of the time. Excellent!

Then, they took out all the chairs and tables. Plus: all the smokers decided it was a great place to stoke up on nicotine. Rats.

Then, I tried to sit in my car and write, but there’s not much in the way of elbow room…

But now they’ve created a special training room, for use when running Continuing Ed classes, and not used in between.

Lots of room, completely out of sight, and dim lighting so I’m not distracted. Primo!

famous math mug, full of home-made miso soup!

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