Dec 16 2010

Much to my surprise…


Sabine: Hey, don’t you have some copies of the Brit edition of The Steerswoman? I bet people would want that, too.

Me: Um, pretty sure I only have a few copies left.

Sabine: I thought you had a bunch.

Me: Don’t think so… Wait a minute. (Goes into basement, looks at every box. Grumbles. Comes back.) No, I only have the handful of copies on my shelf.

Sabine: Oh, well. That’s too bad.

Me: Yeah.

Pal Brian in in comment queue: You might want to mention that you have a near infinite supply of the English edition “The Steerswoman”. There may be people out there who would like to have a copy.

Me, to self: But I don’t, I just checked! (Goes back into basement. Looks at every visible box again. Looks at very large standing fan. Thinks about very large standing fan. Moves very large standing fan. Finds box previously hidden behind fan.)

Me: Well… heck!

So, I seem to have on hand about a dozen copies of the British mass-market edition of the stand-alone version of The Steerswoman. (That’s the start of the series, which is otherwise only available as the first half of the very-expensive The Steerswoman’s Road.)

Brit Cover is oooeeee spooky

Seriously, I would have told you before, if I realized I had them. I thought I didn’t!

I blame Nyquil, Dayquil, and my DayJob, all working together in concert to Keep Rosemary Stupid Just Before Xmas.

But the copies are here, if anyone is interested.

I’ll charge $15, which will include Priority Shipping (two to three business days, meaning if I mail tomorrow, they arrive Tuesday or Wednesday because of the weekend) within the US and Canada — foreign shipping, or Express would cost more.

If you’re interested, drop me an email at: