Someone else’s Xmas dinner.

Seen earlier today.

Seen near the bird feeder earlier today.

4 Responses to “Someone else’s Xmas dinner.”

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    Are those feathers with snow on them?

    (I’m a native Californian. The earth shaking is completely normal, but water freezing in the sky? FANTASY!)

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    What kind of hawks do you get there?

    We have several varieties of hawks, but the only ones I can really recognize are the red-tailed hawks (large wingspan, always soaring over the thermals generated by the freeways), and the peregrine falcons (usually sitting on a lamppost, causing the pigeons nearby to fly in an erratically-moving flock).

    All the peregrines are named “Wayne,” I’ve decided. (I see at least two, and up to four, of them regularly.)

    • Rosemary Says:

      Sean —

      We’re prone to the recurring problem of Is it a Cooper’s Hawk/Is it a Sharp-Shinned Hawk? In color they’re pretty similar. I’ve been told that the Sharpies are much more common around here… but the hawks I’ve personally seen hanging out look larger to me than a Sharpie, which is supposed to be about the size of a jay. But I might just be impressed with their demeanor. Some folks just come across as bigger than life.

      I need for one of ’em to sit real still in a convenient pose, so I can examine its tail, to see if it’s square (sharpie) or rounded (Cooper’s).