You need to see this video


Sabine pointed me to this poem by Katie Makkai.

You need to see this if you are a woman, or have a daughter, or know a woman, or know a girl, or have met a female human being at some point in your life, or have heard of female human beings.

Or are a man.

Or are any sort of human being of any description.

Or live on planet Earth.

4 Responses to “You need to see this video”

  • Ita Says:

    Excellent!! I’m not “pretty”. Took me quite a while to realize it’s not my problem.

    My husband liked it a lot too. He said he was glad he wasn’t female.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Ita —

      Also not “pretty”, as my blog posting photos will attest; but my DayJob is definitely one of those environments where Pretty is the coin of the realm. Since my friends, family, everyone in my writing professional life, and almost everyone I care about, all put more importance on character and creativity than in standardized perfection of form and fashion, it’s a really weird transition between Real Life and the DayJob. I often feel like I’m traveling back in time when I leave the house in the morning…

  • Elizabeth B Says:

    Shared on FB. Thank you!

  • Melissa Kirkland Says:

    Yeah! *ROAR*