Snow Day


They told us yesterday at the DayJob that the company would be closed for the blizzard.

So, day off! Except, entirely without monetary remuneration. Unless you use up a vacation day.

Still, I was very glad not to be out driving in the blizzard.

Snow was knee-deep when I shoveled out a path to the birdfeeder….

Cafe now open for business!

And hip-deep when I went out to help uncover cars in a multi-unit collaborative car-clearing. Only hip-deep where it was new snow on top of last blizzard’s snow — but still.

I myself am buried in various projects, and trying to prioritize. When I don’t want to prioritize at all, I just want to play!

Because — hey, snow day!

View from what is, in nicer weather, a green and peaceful meditation nook

I’m curious as to what it’s like where you are… I don’t think the comment box lets you drop in photos, but if you email a photo to my “contact me at” email address and let me know what part of the world I’m looking at, I’ll create a post of Views of Blizzard Day. (You took some pictures, you know you did. You already put ’em up on Facebook, right? Well, just slide ’em over here.)

Persons in the southern hemisphere are welcome to gloat. Bet you went surfing today.

Send us a picture of that!

10 Responses to “Snow Day”

  • Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    It’s well over 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) here in Silicon Valley. Being a native of southern California, I’ve never really seen snow. I’m still not quite convinced it isn’t a vast, snow-wing conspiracy.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Sean —

      Ha. You should talk. The entire state of California is entirely imaginary.

      Which is actually a plus. You import dreamers, and export dreams.

  • Melissa Kirkland Says:

    I live in western Oregon where it is currently gray and raining. As usual. I could send you a great pic of rain. Bleh.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Melissa —

      No, no — this is exactly what I’m looking for! Whatever’s happening in your corner of the world.

      And now that I think of it — wouldn’t it be cool to be able to post a series of photos that were the same day, from all around the world?

      I’m afraid my blog is not popular enough for this idea to go viral. But still, nice concept.

  • Michael Grosberg Says:

    In my corner of the world (Tel Aviv, Israel), winter has finally kicked in, a couple of months late. “Winter” here means rain, and not a lot of it at that, but it’s better than the eternal summer we’ve been having up until now, which may sound good in theory until you consider the water shortages and the impact of a complete lack of rainfall on vegetation.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Michael —

      Like most people living in a water-rich area, I’m tend to forget what it means to really be short of water. Here in Connecticut, a “drought” basically means that people should not wash their cars or water their lawns. Their wide swaths of green vegetation that exist for no other reason than that they look pretty. (In Lawnmower Man’s case, about an acre of pure lawn.) So the worst that happens is that grass dies. The trees seem to manage well enough. I’ve never seen one fall down dead…

      I’d never want an “eternal” anything — I like change. A little dose of summer might be nice, but not yet. I’m not tired of winter yet.

      The nicest thing about snow is how completely transformative it is. Overnight, the entire landscape changes from familiar to idealized. There is no dirt or grime. All edges are softened. Light from the sky reflects off the white ground, so that everything is lit from above and below. Nothing is the same. You’re somewhere else.

      And yet: same old neighborhood, you don’t need to learn new customs or use a different language. Cheap travel!

      Speaking of which, I’ve Googled a satellite map of Tel Aviv, and zoomed in to admire your beaches. Which, I suppose, are not presently being enjoyed by tourists due to your long-awaited rain…

      Google — the ultimate in vicarious travel!

  • Sandie Says:

    Well in the UK we have grey rainy weather – nothing new there then. Not as bad as Australia but some areas are expecting flooding. It is cold but not freezing.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Sandie —

      I suppose that beats the snowed-in conditions you folks got earlier in December! I remember hearing about people stranded at airports all across Europe.

  • Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    I sent you several pictures from here today. It’s more wintery, although I did manage to take pictures of surfboards :).