Jan 12 2011

Snow Day


They told us yesterday at the DayJob that the company would be closed for the blizzard.

So, day off! Except, entirely without monetary remuneration. Unless you use up a vacation day.

Still, I was very glad not to be out driving in the blizzard.

Snow was knee-deep when I shoveled out a path to the birdfeeder….

Cafe now open for business!

And hip-deep when I went out to help uncover cars in a multi-unit collaborative car-clearing. Only hip-deep where it was new snow on top of last blizzard’s snow — but still.

I myself am buried in various projects, and trying to prioritize. When I don’t want to prioritize at all, I just want to play!

Because — hey, snow day!

View from what is, in nicer weather, a green and peaceful meditation nook

I’m curious as to what it’s like where you are… I don’t think the comment box lets you drop in photos, but if you email a photo to my “contact me at” email address and let me know what part of the world I’m looking at, I’ll create a post of Views of Blizzard Day. (You took some pictures, you know you did. You already put ’em up on Facebook, right? Well, just slide ’em over here.)

Persons in the southern hemisphere are welcome to gloat. Bet you went surfing today.

Send us a picture of that!