Feb 12 2011

Boskone, and why I’m not doing a reading.


It’s Boskone time again!

In case you don’t know, Boskone is one of my favorite conventions, and I’ll be attending again this year.

It takes place in Boston, at the Westin Hotel, February 18-20th. See their web page for more info.

Here’s my schedule of panels and events:

Friday 6pm Big Canvas, Little Strokes: Creating an Epic Fantasy Series
Peter V. Brett
David Anthony Durham (Moderator)
Elaine Isaak
Rosemary Kirstein
Jo Walton
Building a world in fractal detail, animating a vast cast of
characters, finding and holding an audience: let’s talk about the
challenges of writing in a format with perhaps the broadest scope in
the business.

Saturday 2PM — Kaffeklatch. (This is where you just get to hang out with me, while drinking coffee and tea, and eating the treats I’ll probably buy at the Tiptree Bake sale.

Sunday 10am Music for Writers and Readers
Alan F. Beck
Rosemary Kirstein
Resa Nelson
Faye Ringel (M)
What music do you listen to when in a creative mood? Writers will
bring examples to soothe the audience’s savage breasts. The audience
may respond with their own favorite tunes to read great SF/F/H by.

Sunday 2PM Autographing. I’ll sign your books, memorabilia, etc. I draw the line at body parts, however. I might have a handful of books you can buy and then have me autograph, but I do encourage you to buy from the bookdealers in the Dealer’s Room if you can. We have to support them!

Now, as to why I’m not doing a reading.

As you may have noticed, it’s taking a while to complete the next volume of the Steerswoman Series.

I’ve read a lot of sections from that work-in-progress across the years. And as of now, I’ve read far too much of it. It’s no longer possible to read more of what I have without a) MAJOR plot spoilers, and/or b) reading something far to raw and recent, or c) reading something that will just be WRONG and need editing out later.

The other thing I’m writing is my Seekrit Project. Which, of course cannot be read from. As it is Seekrit. Until it’s done.

Thus, nothing to read, unless I read from old already-published works. Which, I just don’t care to.

Anyway, the Kaffeklatsch is instead of the reading. So, come and BE with me! We can talk. I’m nice, really. Many people have told me so.

Other writers I like who will be there: Jo Walton, David Anthony Durham, Jane Yolen, Michael Swanwick, Walter Hunt, and oh, plenty more. Plus: artists! Scientists! Filkers!

Do come.